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Subcutaneous Port

Insuport is an injection port that lets you inject your insulin without having to puncture your skin for each shot. It sticks to the skin like a small bandage. The InsuPort is inserted onto the skin. It has soft cannula which stays under the skin for 3 to 7 days during all activities. It is easy to apply and comfortable to use. It comes with an inserter, which gives you a quick, virtually painless application. Once applied, patient can inject Insulin through the InsuPort instead of puncturing your skin. InsuPort’s modular design also enables you to use the InsuPress along with it.


Micro Pre Filled Syringe

for viscous drugs

The Micro Pre-filled syringe for viscous drugs is a single use PFS which contains fixed dosage and is operated manually which gives an audible click at the end of injection. Ergonomic large gripper design makes injecting viscous medicines comfortable.


Tablet Applicator

The Tablet Applicator, a local vaginal estrogen therapy, is used to treat menopausal changes in and around the vagina. It is easy to use. Tablet Applicator is an insert that you place in your vagina with a convenient, predosed, single-use applicator made of smooth plastic. It not have Sharp corners .It will avoid damage to tissue. Its plunger will provide pocket for tablet. 


Dermal NIN Injector

The device is designed for injecting dermal filler. The application is for smoothening away wrinkles and fine lines, creating fuller and more accentuated lips, and adding lift and volume to the cheeks for a younger look. The device consists of an integrated blade and standard blunt cannula. It reduces the number of skin insertions by half by sliding back the blade once it facilitates the insertion of standard blunt cannula.


Active Needle Safety Device


The Needle safety device is designed for PFS of different capacity. It enables one-handed, operation and automatically shields the needle at end of injection. The device supports needles up to 20mm long.


Auto Injector


The Auto Injector is a single use self injection device for PFS and cartridges of different capacities. Unique floating needle concept allows to maintain sterility of cartridges more effectively. A simple 2 step operation and small size adds to ease of use for the patients. 

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