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Our Services

At Mediscient Devices, we offer innovative medical injectors and a range of services that includes benchmarking, product design, process development, assembly machines, and production. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with a seamless experience and ensuring the success of your medical equipment manufacturing projects.




Process Design

Mold Development

Assembly Machine Development

Product Development
Production Line
Technical Documentation
& Product Filing
Product & Process Validations
Product Development
  • User step analysis

  • Force testing at each and every step

    • 21CFR compliant testing equipment

    • With audit trail reporting

  • Material Identification tests in associated labs

    • FTIR

    • DSC

    • Residue

  • Patent Study

    • Inhouse study

    • Patent attorney associate

  • Mechanism study:

    • Measuring every dimension of all component parts

    • Measuring forces of every functional feature of all component parts

    • Identifying part manufacturability details like parting lines, gate points, ejection points, etc.

    • Hot tip cutters, surgical cutters, handheld motorized micro cutter for opening up the devices/ cutting sections

    • Reverse Engineering with NABL calibrated equipment

      • 1micron LC camera Vision Measurement Machine (VMM)

      • 21 CFR Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

      • Different Force gauges

      • Vernier calipers, Micrometers, height gauge, surface plate, runout dial gauge and stylus, etc.

      • Custom gauges

    • 3d model generation

      • Part modeling

      • Generating parting lines

      • Creating gate points and ejection points

      • Component assembly

      • Rendering

Production Line Development
  • Define process requirements

  • Assembly sequencing

  • Define assembly requirements

  • Define, Assembly Concept

  • Define SPM/equipment for assembly

  • Molding process design and development

  • Validation protocols development (IQ, OQ, PQ)

  • Define tool certification/validation requirements and ensuring all relevant data.

  • Define Scientific Mold Validation Protocol

  • Define product approval criteria, batch release criteria

  • Define product testing protocols (3rd party lab)

  • Listing Product certification requirements

Product Filing & Commercial Supply
  • Design History File (DHF)

    • User Needs (URS)​

    • Design Input

    • Design Output

    • Design Verification

    • Bench testing

    • Design Validation

    • DV & DVL testing 

  • Risk Management File

    • Risk Management Plan (RMP)

    • Hazard Assessment (IHA)​

    • Different types of Failure Mode Analysis

    • Benefit Risk

    • Risk Summary

  • US DMF filing

  • Device History File

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